Tuesday, October 13, 2009

About time

Thought it was about time I updated Noah's blog. I have missed updating Noah's blog but nowadays I just don't find the time.

Noah started nursery about 5 weeks ago and is really enjoying himself. There have been a few teething problems with getting things put in place for him, but these are being ironed out. Hopefully by the time the kids go back after half term all of these things will be in place, like choice cards, visual timetable etc.

Noah's appointment has come through for the second stage of his BAHA operation, for the 25th November, hopefully once Noah has this in place he will be able to hear more and then start to say a lot more. Although he will still require makaton signs which he is a little expert at.

He is finally putting on weight and is more interested in food than he ever has been.

Noah has started at a childminders, just to give me some respite and to be able to tidy the house and spend some quality time with Finley. Noah is enjoying himself with the childminder and the other children she looks after, he comes out from hers smiling bless him and I know that he has had a fab time and has really been looked after. He has made a lovely friendship with the little boy she looks after and gets on really well with him.

Finley turned one last month, he has grown up really quickly he is no longer a baby, he is now a little toddler who loves to be tickled, he loves his cars and balls. He copies me when I talk, he's like a little parrot.

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