Saturday, December 13, 2008

Noah's Montage of his Third Year

I have finally got round to finishing of Noah's Birthday Montage. Happy 3rd Birthday Noah, I wonder what you will get up to in the next year.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Holiday

This is my favourite picture of Noah and Finley

Here are some of the holiday photos I promised you there are so many I cant possibly post all of them but here are a few.

Noah found his own entertainment and got into the kitchen cupboards aswell as the wardrobes.

Best friends in their t-bags as we call them

Noah December 2008 Pinelodges play area

Noah April 2007 at the Pinelodges play area

Finley - 3 Months Old

Finley was 3 months old on Tuesday. Time is going so quickly Finley is growing and changing every day. I see him looking over at his big brother and querying what he is up to. He follows him with his eyes all over the place.

On Wednesday he weighed 14lbs 7 ozs, he has dropped towards the 75% centile but that isn't surprising being as he hasn't been well for the past two - three weeks, he had his first lot of antibiotics because he was starting to develop a chest infection. He is 63 cms in length so he is probably going to be tall like his dad.

He sucks on his hand and there have only been a few occasions I have needed to give him a dummy mainly to help him get his wind up as he is still suffering from colic. He crys a lot more than Noah ever did which we aren't really used to.

He sits in the bumbo chair happily. He is able to sit up and hold his head up very well. He will sleep through most of the night and wake up for one feed. He is starting to smile a lot more just like his brother does. He likes attention. He has got his second lot of injections next week which should be fun as he is becoming aware of things around him so I'm sure there will be a few tears.

He uggles and makes loads of noises and I'm sure on a few occasions he has said mammmm to get my attention.

It's hard work being a parent of two children and I admire anyone who has more than two but I am starting to get more organised and feel a lot more confident in taking two of them out. Its hard juggling a pushchair.

Another Comparison

Finley 11 weeks

Noah 4 weeks old

Monday, December 8, 2008


Just a quickie, We have returned today from a long weekend away, in Ashbourne Derbyshire. It was nice to get away but I cant say it was relaxing, Noah was a little monkey and Finley cried a lot. They are still under the weather with colds and therefore we couldn't take them swimming so spent a lot of the time in the lodge. I will be updating photos when I get chance but obviously with Christmas approaching I'm not getting any time to update the blog as trying to prepare for Christmas. Once the holidays are over I am sure I will get back to letting everyone know what Noah is up to.

Monday, December 1, 2008


I haven't managed to post lately as the little ones haven't been well. I think its just the cold weather they are both on antibiotics bless them, Finley started to get very chesty and therefore the doctor thought it would be best to put both Finley and Noah on antibiotics so they wouldn't pass it from one to another. As Noah was the one that passed it to Finley. So really we haven't been up to much. Will hopefully post some recent pictures soon.