Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fun at the Park

Just thought I would try and upload some of pictures of what we have been doing lately. My two boys are growing up so fast.

About time

Thought it was about time I updated Noah's blog. I have missed updating Noah's blog but nowadays I just don't find the time.

Noah started nursery about 5 weeks ago and is really enjoying himself. There have been a few teething problems with getting things put in place for him, but these are being ironed out. Hopefully by the time the kids go back after half term all of these things will be in place, like choice cards, visual timetable etc.

Noah's appointment has come through for the second stage of his BAHA operation, for the 25th November, hopefully once Noah has this in place he will be able to hear more and then start to say a lot more. Although he will still require makaton signs which he is a little expert at.

He is finally putting on weight and is more interested in food than he ever has been.

Noah has started at a childminders, just to give me some respite and to be able to tidy the house and spend some quality time with Finley. Noah is enjoying himself with the childminder and the other children she looks after, he comes out from hers smiling bless him and I know that he has had a fab time and has really been looked after. He has made a lovely friendship with the little boy she looks after and gets on really well with him.

Finley turned one last month, he has grown up really quickly he is no longer a baby, he is now a little toddler who loves to be tickled, he loves his cars and balls. He copies me when I talk, he's like a little parrot.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Family update

It has been ages since I updated Noah's Blog, its hard to find the time.

My little sister Cate got married last week, Congratulations to Cate and Matt who are now on their honeymoon in New York lucky things.

Noah is getting big and can be a handful sometimes although he still has that cheeky smile and we love him loads.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Horse Riding

As I have already mentioned we have started to take Noah horse riding. I have compiled a montage of the photo's and video's which we took during the two sessions. He had to wear a hat underneath the riding hat as his head is so small, bless. He doesn't appear to be smiling in the photos but believe me he did enjoy it. I also just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Sophie for arranging it. Thanks Sophie and Noah hopes to see you soon. xx

Saturday, April 11, 2009

No Free Time

Right it has only taken me about two months to try and get this post out, and I am getting pestered by my mother to update the blog. Although I did suggest she could update it for me but she didn't accept my proposal so here goes.

I am getting less and less time to post blogs. Running around after two little munchkins, who are getting bigger and bigger every day. Or in Noah's case cheekier each day.

At the moment we are trying to organise nursery for Noah for September. Noah's proposed statement has come through and we are in the process of negotiating with SENAS as they failed to include any of what the Speech and Language therapist included in her report. Why do SENAS try to include as little as possible and see whether they can get away with it. Having a child with special needs shouldn't mean that we have to fight with authorities all of the way through their lives. First I had to fight with the DLA to get high rate for Noah and now this...... It can become very disheartening when everything is such a battle.

We have been taking Noah horse riding. Sophie my cousin has a horse and helps out at the stables every weekend. So we took Noah over to have a ride on her old horse Shadow. Shadow is a gentle horse. The first time we took Noah he sat on Shadow and clung to Jo my sister, he wouldn't hold on or stroke Shadow.

The second time he sat on Shadow and held on to the saddle hold and he stroked Shadow, you could see he was more confident. Sophie was really great she set up a little routine for Noah to do with Shadow.

I have been taking the boys out walking a lot lately. So we have been going to the park, feeding the ducks etc. Noah loves going down the big slides and he loves going on the swings. Now Finley also loves going on the swings he chuckles and chuckles.

I will try and do a separate post on Finley as he is now 7 months old.

Ok so what have we been up to with Noah, February half term we took Noah bowling for the first time with his cousins. He actually came first out of the kids go Noah.

We had a hospital appointment last month for Noah at the ENT department. His hearing was down a lot and they have suggested that Noah is fitted with a BAHA which stands for a Bone Anchored Hearing Aid.

If we go ahead with this, which we will make our final decision on Thursday when we have another appointment, for further tests. Noah will have to have two operations. I will go into more detail once we have made our decision.

Right it is now 12.20 am and Im off to bed Happy Easter everyone and I will post more photos soon.

I will leave you with my cheeky little man........

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Update on Noah

Well it has been some time now since I updated you on how Noah is doing. He was being a bit of a handful but I think it could have been because of the constipation he has been suffering with. We saw his paediatrician and she prescribed Pead Movacol. It seems to be easing his pain but it will probably take a while for it to start working.

Things I have noticed in the last few weeks that Noah has done that make me laugh. When I kiss Noah I make a noise, I put my lips together and it sounds like a MM. I was watching Noah kissing Finley the other week and he was saying PP. I couldn't make out why he was making this noise until it dawned on me he was copying what I do.

The snow, Noah loved the snow, I was able to pull him around on a sledge which was attached to the pushchair with Finley in it.

I gave Finley a bath at mum a few weeks ago and put him in a floating ring, obviously I was holding him at the same time but it just gave him some support. I did the same when Noah was little. When Finley had, had his bath Noah got in and of course he wanted to be the same as Finley and get into the ring it was really funny. The little monkey.

A few weeks ago we went to Hatton, it was absolutely freezing but we had a good time. Noah enjoyed seeing all of the animals, he also loved playing on the bikes there.

Noah and Daddy on the big tractor at Hatton

Noah on the little Tractor

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Finley in the same snow suit
Noah in his snow suit

Finley Matthew on his Christening Day

Noah Michael on his Christening Day

Wordless Wednesday

Finley's Christening

So here as promised are the photos from Finley's Christening. The last few weeks have been very hectic hense the lack of posts. But I will try and update over the next few weeks what we have been up to.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Being a Parent

Where does the time go, I just haven't managed to get 5 minutes to post anything lately. We had Finley's Christening a couple of weeks ago it was a very hectic but lovely day. Finley behaved himself and so did Noah. They both looked lovely, Noah had a shirt and a tie on. I will post photos when I find the time to download them from the camera.

Life is really hectic at the moment, Noah is being hard work.

Being a parent is the most rewarding job in the world, however it is also the hardest job in the world. I am extremely grateful for Noah and Finley, and for those who know me will appreciate exactly how grateful I am as we haven’t had an easy ride through life. Being a parent certainly has its moments and is very trying at times. When Noah was 6 weeks old he started to sleep through the night. Up until he was around 1 ½ he would sleep through the night with the occasional get up’s through the night (him waking up and crying). From then on he became a nightmare sleeper. I would try to put him to bed at around 7.30pm but he wouldn’t settle until around 11 -12 then he would wake up during the night.

It all changed again during the summer holidays, he now goes to sleep at around 7.30pm and wakes during the night crying and sometimes screaming. He suffers with really bad constipation, which he is on lactalus and senacot for. But it seems to be a viscous circle, he will not drink a lot and then he goes through stages of not eating, because he is obviously bunged up.

It wasn’t as bad before Finley as I would only be getting up to one child but now between both of them I seem to be getting hardly any sleep at all. I never complained about this previously only obviously to his paediatrician who didn’t say much. But now that he is waking up screaming, in pain I am worried that there could be something else wrong. I took him to the doctors with him before Christmas. I saw his Paediatrician today and she has now put him on movacol.

To be honest I am exhausted. It’s hard to function when you only get a few hours of sleep a night. It’s especially tiring when you have done it on the trot for about 4 days. That’s when I completely go to pot, I sometimes feel like I’m walking around like a zombie.

As for the house well I found this poem and it cheered me up.

My house may not be tidy,
My pots maybe piled up high,
My windows may not be gleaming,
With a sparkle or a shine.

I may get behind with the washing,
The drying may still be wet,
There may be dust on the shelves,
Cos I havent polished yet.

But one thing my house isnt short of,
Is happiness and love,
And to me that is more important,
Than any of the above.

Well thats all for now folks, I now have to look into nursery's for Noah.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Finley - 4 Months Old

Finley is 4 months old today.
Time is flying by, it seems like just yesterday that I was waiting to have him. It’s scary how quickly he is growing up.

On Wednesday he weighed 15lbs 9oz and measured 34 1/2 cms.

Finley’s first Christmas went well. He had a Santa suit on, on Christmas day. I managed to pick up two sets of pyjamas that said “Elf in Training” for both Finley and Noah, I dressed them in them on Christmas Eve and they looked lovely

Finley has now settled a lot more, he isn’t struggling with his wind as much and doesn’t cry unless he is hungry. And if Noah has bitten him, normally Noah is fine around him but today he has had the devil in him and managed to bite Finley on three occasions, yes I do need eyes in the back of my head.
He loves being in the big bath.

Finley is holding his head up steady when lying on his front. He now holds toys and plays with them. He will keep himself entertained for a lot longer. He loves looking at books and really takes them in.

How does he react to Noah – Noah makes him laugh, anything Noah does Finley laughs at. When we pick Noah up from pre-school Finley looks over at him in his car seat and laughs. Finley smiles at everyone he meets. He is such a happy chap.

He makes lots of noises and now says Mammmmm loads. I’m sure he has said Noah on occasions.
He is a very layed back little boy, I suppose he takes after his daddy for this.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas 2008 Montage

My Two Elves

I have been having a Blogging break during the Christmas and New Year period, which has been great, as I have needed a well deserved break.

Well what have we been up to?

Well I think I will have to go by the photos as I cant remember everything we have done in December. Although I haven’t taken as many photos as I would have liked.

Noah had his hair cut middle of December, here he is looking trendy with Uncle Matt's school tie on.
Noah got to meet Santa on several occasions and went to several parties.

This photo was taken at the end of the Solihull Down Syndrome party, Noah must have been wanting some time out as he found a seat on his own and sat on it. So Pete went and joined him.

Finley has got bigger.

Noah was a shepherd in his pre-school nativity. This is a picture of him and one of his teachers, and no he hasn’t got dirt on his face it is face paints.

We had a lovely Christmas very hectic but nice. The boys got loads of presents, thank you to everyone who go presents for them we are really grateful.
I have put all of the Christmas photos into a montage and will post soon.

We went to one of Noah’s little friends houses where Noah decided to put all of her necklaces on he had great fun with them.

All in all we had a very hectic but lovely break, but are glad to be back into a routine, especially Noah.