Thursday, January 29, 2009

Being a Parent

Where does the time go, I just haven't managed to get 5 minutes to post anything lately. We had Finley's Christening a couple of weeks ago it was a very hectic but lovely day. Finley behaved himself and so did Noah. They both looked lovely, Noah had a shirt and a tie on. I will post photos when I find the time to download them from the camera.

Life is really hectic at the moment, Noah is being hard work.

Being a parent is the most rewarding job in the world, however it is also the hardest job in the world. I am extremely grateful for Noah and Finley, and for those who know me will appreciate exactly how grateful I am as we haven’t had an easy ride through life. Being a parent certainly has its moments and is very trying at times. When Noah was 6 weeks old he started to sleep through the night. Up until he was around 1 ½ he would sleep through the night with the occasional get up’s through the night (him waking up and crying). From then on he became a nightmare sleeper. I would try to put him to bed at around 7.30pm but he wouldn’t settle until around 11 -12 then he would wake up during the night.

It all changed again during the summer holidays, he now goes to sleep at around 7.30pm and wakes during the night crying and sometimes screaming. He suffers with really bad constipation, which he is on lactalus and senacot for. But it seems to be a viscous circle, he will not drink a lot and then he goes through stages of not eating, because he is obviously bunged up.

It wasn’t as bad before Finley as I would only be getting up to one child but now between both of them I seem to be getting hardly any sleep at all. I never complained about this previously only obviously to his paediatrician who didn’t say much. But now that he is waking up screaming, in pain I am worried that there could be something else wrong. I took him to the doctors with him before Christmas. I saw his Paediatrician today and she has now put him on movacol.

To be honest I am exhausted. It’s hard to function when you only get a few hours of sleep a night. It’s especially tiring when you have done it on the trot for about 4 days. That’s when I completely go to pot, I sometimes feel like I’m walking around like a zombie.

As for the house well I found this poem and it cheered me up.

My house may not be tidy,
My pots maybe piled up high,
My windows may not be gleaming,
With a sparkle or a shine.

I may get behind with the washing,
The drying may still be wet,
There may be dust on the shelves,
Cos I havent polished yet.

But one thing my house isnt short of,
Is happiness and love,
And to me that is more important,
Than any of the above.

Well thats all for now folks, I now have to look into nursery's for Noah.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Finley - 4 Months Old

Finley is 4 months old today.
Time is flying by, it seems like just yesterday that I was waiting to have him. It’s scary how quickly he is growing up.

On Wednesday he weighed 15lbs 9oz and measured 34 1/2 cms.

Finley’s first Christmas went well. He had a Santa suit on, on Christmas day. I managed to pick up two sets of pyjamas that said “Elf in Training” for both Finley and Noah, I dressed them in them on Christmas Eve and they looked lovely

Finley has now settled a lot more, he isn’t struggling with his wind as much and doesn’t cry unless he is hungry. And if Noah has bitten him, normally Noah is fine around him but today he has had the devil in him and managed to bite Finley on three occasions, yes I do need eyes in the back of my head.
He loves being in the big bath.

Finley is holding his head up steady when lying on his front. He now holds toys and plays with them. He will keep himself entertained for a lot longer. He loves looking at books and really takes them in.

How does he react to Noah – Noah makes him laugh, anything Noah does Finley laughs at. When we pick Noah up from pre-school Finley looks over at him in his car seat and laughs. Finley smiles at everyone he meets. He is such a happy chap.

He makes lots of noises and now says Mammmmm loads. I’m sure he has said Noah on occasions.
He is a very layed back little boy, I suppose he takes after his daddy for this.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas 2008 Montage

My Two Elves

I have been having a Blogging break during the Christmas and New Year period, which has been great, as I have needed a well deserved break.

Well what have we been up to?

Well I think I will have to go by the photos as I cant remember everything we have done in December. Although I haven’t taken as many photos as I would have liked.

Noah had his hair cut middle of December, here he is looking trendy with Uncle Matt's school tie on.
Noah got to meet Santa on several occasions and went to several parties.

This photo was taken at the end of the Solihull Down Syndrome party, Noah must have been wanting some time out as he found a seat on his own and sat on it. So Pete went and joined him.

Finley has got bigger.

Noah was a shepherd in his pre-school nativity. This is a picture of him and one of his teachers, and no he hasn’t got dirt on his face it is face paints.

We had a lovely Christmas very hectic but nice. The boys got loads of presents, thank you to everyone who go presents for them we are really grateful.
I have put all of the Christmas photos into a montage and will post soon.

We went to one of Noah’s little friends houses where Noah decided to put all of her necklaces on he had great fun with them.

All in all we had a very hectic but lovely break, but are glad to be back into a routine, especially Noah.