Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I haven’t managed to post for a while, Noah has been keeping us busy. As it is Halloween Pete came with a Pumpkin Outfit for him to wear. He’s a bit young to go out trick or treating but we got him dressed up anyway. He looked so cute. See for yourself, although now he is walking he just wont stay still.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Noah Walking

Noah has been walking for the past four - five months now, well I say walking it has been on and off. He would walk then fall, but he was so used to crawling (he was a speed crawler) he tended to do this most times instead of walking. In August he was finally measured for Pedro boots, which were fitted at the beginning of September. They are fab and I would definitely recommend. They have helped to support his ankles, as his ankles were turning in whilst he walked. When he started wearing the Pedro boots there was a noticeable difference straight away. Now with the encouragement of a football he is getting up on his own (which he didn't do before) and practically running. It’s so enjoyable to watch him walk as he has crawled for over a year now and its such a great achievement for him. We are both very proud of him.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Noah and Washing

Noah has a fascination about washing. Firstly he loves pressing the buttons on the washing machine, often turning off my wash when it is running, he loves watching the washing going round & round and could spend ages just kneeling in front of the washing machine.

Once the washing has been washed and I put it onto the clotheshorse or the radiators he goes around pulling it off. Eeeekkkkk.

Then once it’s dry he likes to pull it out of the basket and play with it. Putting it back onto the clotheshorse. Oh well at least he is trying to help just getting it the wrong way round. He also likes to get into the basket and put his toys in it.

And I wonder why our house is always a mess ?!?!?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Noah's First Year

I cant believe Noah will be two next month, the time has just flown by. I have started to go through our photos of his second year, putting them into a montage. He has grown up so much this year, bless him. Here is last years :-

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Noah's First Bike Ride

Noah went on his first official bike ride on Saturday. Well I say official he has been on a bike before - last summer in a trailer we hired at Kingsbury Water Parks. But he has now upgraded to having his own seat on Pete’s bike. I also got him a helmet, which he looks really cute in. I spent most of last Friday going round shops trying to find one that actually fit his head as it is so small and is not the same depth as other children his age. We took him out just around the neighbourhood, he loved it, he was laughing with delight. The novelty soon wore off though because about 20 minutes into the ride he fell asleep thus cutting out trip short. We are hoping he will last longer the next time.

I have just looked back at the photos of Noah in the trailer last year and he fell asleep in that aswell. Oh to be a child again and fall asleep in seconds. !!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Our First Post

I haven’t a clue what to write at the moment but I am sure I will have loads to say once I get going.

I have been thinking about writing a blog for ages and have recently been inspired by a friend who has a fantastic blog.

Today Noah had an appointment at home with his portage teacher (Jo) and speech & language teacher for them to review his IEP. The little monkey would not perform for them. When he is playing he normally doesn’t shut up babbling but could I get him to say anything, NO! Would he match the pictures, NO would he give the teddy a drink NO! Kids hey, they never do things when you want them to do it. Of course he does do all of these things but obviously chose that moment not to do them.

I can’t believe that he is going to be two next month. The time has flown by. He will be starting nursery the day after his birthday I’m not sure I can leave my little man with strangers for such a long time. But I am sure it will help him to develop more. He is doing so well as it is. He has over 25 signs and words, he walks, he climbs, he plays like any other toddler. The thing that makes Noah extra special is that he has down syndrome.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Diagnosed with Down syndrome

When I found out I was pregnant on the 30th March 2005 I was scared, we had already lost one baby “Angel” when I was 21 weeks pregnant, due to something called Triploidy (a whole extra set of chromosomes) I didn’t want to loose another. Triploidy, is a rare chromosomal abnormality, they had confirmed it was not genetic we were just unlucky.

Pete and I decided that if there was anything wrong such as another triploidy pregnancy we would want to know, plus we wanted peace of mind also to know that everything was all right.

I had already had about 3 early pregnancy scans before it came to the routine 12-week scan. I told the sonographer that I was going for a nuchal fold scan the following week and she had said everything looked fine. This put our minds at rest, thoughts of why shouldn’t everything be alright, were weren’t that unlucky were we!

My bloods had come back and they looked excellent, the consultant just said it was a case of checking that everything was in the right place and taking a measurement of the babies neck (Munchkin, we had already given him/her a nickname). The first thing the consultant noticed was that Munchkin hadn’t got a nasal bone. Apparently 10% of the population do not have nasal bones. Although not having a nasal bone was a indicator of down syndrome. He then measured the babies neck and it was 3.6 (the norm is 2.8). Everything else looked fine. He took us into a room and all we could think was why is it happening again, not to us, maybe he’s got it wrong.

The consultant came in and explained that we had a 1/61 chance of having a baby with down syndrome. We were devastated, at that moment I just wanted to curl up and go to sleep forever. Why was this happening again? Had we not been through enough?

After crying for what seemed an eternity, we looked at it logically this little baby was still alive and kicking inside me there were plenty of couples out there that couldn’t have children, we had been given a gift from God and should accept the baby with open arms. And there was always that chance that we could be 1 of the 60 other people that would have a child that didn’t have down syndrome.

We toyed with the idea of having the amnio but again we didn’t want to loose this baby and with an amnio there is always a chance of miscarriage. If we did know, what difference would it make we still wanted our little munchie.

We grew very close to munchie and her/his kicks, punches and hiccups.
We had scans every 4 weeks to keep an eye on munchies growth and she/he was doing just fine.

They took detailed scans, they checked the heart which appeared to be fine. Munchies kidneys however were dilated. We were told again this was another indicator of down syndrome. They kept a close eye on munchies kidney the measurements grew slightly but nothing to be extremely worried about.

We had made the decision to tell everyone about the risk, I think looking back it helped to prepare people. Well it helped us to come to terms with what might be. There was always that thought that maybe munchie wouldn’t have down syndrome but deep down I think I new.

I worried throughout most of the pregnancy, not because of the risk but I was constantly afraid that something new would appear on one of the scans. I bought myself a Doppler to keep an eye on munchies heartbeat, I loved to listen, it was so soothing. Although I tried not to listen too often as it could have become an obsession.

Although I worried a lot through the pregnancy, I also enjoyed carrying a little baby inside of me, feeling the kicks and punches. I loved the way people who I didn’t know would come up to you and ask how long you have left. I loved the way I was made to feel very special, I loved the excitement and joy that family members and me had in preparing for the arrival of munchie.
Most of all I loved the fact that I was soon to become a mum.