Thursday, May 29, 2008

Small but Cute

Yesterday I took Noah to get him weighed and to get his length done as I hadn't managed to make it for a few months. He isn't growing as much as he should be and has dropped down to the 25th centile on the down syndrome chart. He also hasn't grown as much in his length and has dropped below the 25th centile. I always new he would be small but thought he would stay around the 50th centile. So I will be feeding him up and making sure that he puts on more weight. Although he is so active he will run it off anyway. In other ways he is developing fantastically, his speech and makaton is fab. He walks, runs and climbs and trys to jump but hasn't succeeded yet.

I also had a midwife appointment yesterday and everything was fine, little bee is moving around loads and apparently the lack of sleep is normal :-), its normal to have a dead leg when sleeping on it, it must be all the weight I'm sure I am putting on, I think I will be the size of a house by the time September comes along.

I need to take more piccys of Noah as haven't managed to lately. I will take some over the next few days and update you all with them when I get round to uploading them.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Finally .................

I have now finished my college courses and have more time (hopefully) to spend updating Noah's blog. Well that is until September when we are expecting a little brother or sister for Noah. Can you imagine Noah as a BIG brother.

Noah has come along so much lately his words and makaton signs are fab, he copies everything I teach him and remembers them when asked. He is now using some of the new signs spontaneously. Such as pretty flowers, ice cream man, balloon. He is also saying a lot more, some obviously is just babble but he is copying words , such as Pete handed Noah his keys the other morning and I said dirty keys and he copied and said Dirty Keys, he has said that a couple of times now when he picks the keys up.

He says locked and then signs door. He can say knock and stuck.

We took him to one of his friends birthday parties yesterday, she had a bouncy castle and he loved it, he was straight on there standing up and then falling over ;-)

Since writing last Noah has had a sleepover at nanny's house, which he loved and was really good for her. Me and Pete managed to get away to London, stopped in a lovely hotel and went to see Dirty Dancing the show which was fab. It was nice getting away for a night, especially as it will prove more difficult when the new little one turns up.

We have sorted out pre-school for September, Noah will be going Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. From 9.30 - 12.00 he will love it. Im sure he will settle in really well. He is such a social little lad and loves playing with other children.

After the last blog, it appears Noah has resulted to sleeping not in his bed but in the blanket box next to his bed, which we use at the moment to stop him getting out. I dont know it must be a lot more comfortable to him.

Other news ................. we are doing a sponsored walk on the 7th June as it is Down syndrome awareness week to raise more awareness and more money for our local group the Solihull Group. They help with speech and language and put events on such as the upcoming 0 - 5 conference in July. Please get in touch if you wish to sponsor us.